Announcing Sole Distribution Agreement between Canusa-CPS and 4 pipes GmbH

April 01, 2020

Effective April 1st, 2020: Canusa-CPS is honored to announce having a sole distributor; 4 pipes GmbH that will strengthen our presence in the German market.

Over the past years, 4 pipes GmbH has demonstrated exceptional customer support and commitment to the Canusa-CPS brand and our customers. They continue to work with our customers in Germany, delivering innovative solutions and best-in-class technical and after-sales support.

The 4 pipes team commitment to a multitude of industries has enabled them to develop a complete portfolio of pipeline corrosion technologies in the Oil & Gas, District Energy and Water markets. In addition, their focus on customer service and intelligent stocking strategy has allowed them to support the German market often with same day shipping for many product lines.

At Canusa-CPS, we are proud and confident that our new and exclusive partnership with 4 pipes GmbH will achieve mutual success, heightened focus on our core markets and stronger brand presence in Germany.

4 pipes GmbH delivers innovative, high quality products; including: Heat-Shrinkable Sleeves, Casing Spacers, End Seals, Pipe Storage Products and a variety of their own brand ancillary accessories serving the pipe industry. For more information, please visit their website at

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