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IntelliCOAT® is the world’s first fully automated system to control the application of heat-shrinkable sleeves. The field-friendly system provides a step-change enhancement in the quality, consistency, productivity, and safety of field-applied coatings by means of automation. The technology can even retain a permanent record of installation and quality assurance data for every coated joint. The data is linked to the field joint number and GPS location, and can be accessed in real-time through a cloud-based web interface.

IntelliCOAT® is easily adaptable for an onshore pipeline right-of-way, spool base coating line or offshore construction pipe lay vessel. The patent protected system consists of a PLC-equipped control panel and a clamshell style infrared heating coil connected by rugged ‘plug-and-play’ umbilical cables. One control panel can operate a range of standardized heating coil sizes to suit pipeline diameters from 4 - 56 in. (with custom sizes available to meet project specific needs).

Combine the system with our industry leading sleeves to achieve a perfect installation and a seamless coating along the entire length of pipe – with zero compromise at the field joints.

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